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Abel Soh Wah Ek Abel Soh Wah Ek Doctor Verified

Dr Abel Soh is a Consultant Endocrinologist with extensive clinical experience in managing patients with diabetes mellitus, thyroid diseases, lipid

  • 3 Mount Elizabeth #12-11 Mount Eliz...
  • 6262 2008
Gerard Ee Gerard Ee Doctor Verified

Dr. Gerard Ee obtained his medical degree from St George’s University of London in the United Kingdom. He has accumulated his medical and surgica

Raymond Lim Yow Long Raymond Lim Yow Long Doctor Verified

Dr Raymond Lim have been at the forefront of patient-centric dental care services and professional expertise since 2005. The National Universit

Divya Vishu Divya Vishu Doctor Verified

As a hearing healthcare professional, Divya is trained to evaluate hearing loss and fit hearing aids according to your needs and wants. She provide

Daris Tanciano Daris Tanciano Doctor Verified

Graduated with Masters in Clinical Audiology and with more than 5 years of experience in the industry, Daris is trained to evaluate hearing loss an

Steven Ang Steven Ang Doctor Verified

Dr Steven Ang is a family physician with a special interest in aesthetic medicine. He graduated with MBBS in 1987 from the National University of S

Komathy Rajaratnam Komathy Rajaratnam Doctor Verified

Dr. Komathy Rajaratnam believes in a holistic approach to aesthetics treatment and that beauty should exude from within. Looking good isn’t a

Jacqueline Feng Jacqueline Feng Doctor Verified

Dr Jacqueline Feng is a Hong Kong Canadian graduated from the University of Toronto with a bachelor of Science Honours degree subsequently obtained