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About Oberdan Marianetti

If you are browsing my profile, it is likely you are facing difficult questions that you would like answered. You can find relief and answers by seeking the support that is right for you.
I take a positive, non-judgmental, person-centered approach to healing, and I work with adults who are asking questions about sexuality, life or career.
Through my work I discovered how fulfilling and satisfying life can be, when one is connected with and aligned to his or her own Essence. I define Essence as the unique combination of all the life forces that keep you alive. I focus primarily on rediscovering and reconnecting you with your inner life forces, and I have learned that when this happens, the unexpected happens.
To achieve this I use the past to teach us lessons, the future to guide decisions and the present to take action; mindfulness is key to my work.
As a qualified psychologist and sexologist with almost 20 years of corporate, business and coaching experience, I bring to you a unique combination of knowledge, skills and experiences.
I believe that we are the best versions of ourselves when speaking our own truths and allowing ourselves to connect authentically with others, in love and in work. Above all, I believe in creating a non-judgmental space for individuals to live their own lives, and grow to their fullest potential.
Embodying these principles, I have achieved success as an independent consultant, in multinational corporations, in coaching and as a mentor. I have worked across all ages, from seasoned corporate executives to students taking their first step into their careers.

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Mon to Fri: 7.00am - 8.00pm
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  • Psychologist (心理学家)
  • Sexologist (性学家)


  • D.H.S. Doctorate in Human Sexuality (USA)  

  • MSc Master's in Psychology (UK)  

  • BSc Bachelor's in Psychology (UK)  

  • Member of the British Psychological Society  

  • Member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council  

  • Chartered Fellow of the CIPD