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Aesthetic Doctor / General Practitioner
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About Steven Ang

Dr Steven Ang is a family physician with a special interest in aesthetic medicine. He graduated with MBBS in 1987 from the National University of Singapore and attained MSc in Clinical Dermatology in 1994 from St John’s Institute of Dermatology, London University. In 1998, he introduced the term “Aesthetic Medicine” into the local lexicology, when he became a member of the International Union of Esthetic Medicine, and started his aesthetic practice.

He is well known for his expertise on 2Rs, 3Ps and 4Ss: Removal of hair, Regrowth of hair, Pigmentation, Pores, Pimples, Skin ageing and rejuvenation, Stretch mark treatment, Scar treatment and Slimming (which includes body contouring). He is well versed in procedures like laser surgery, radiofrequency treatment, botox injection, filler injection, and thread-lifts. His motto is: “Sculpting Beauty, Creating Happiness”. He believes in providing 2Hs to every patient: Happiness and Hope. He specializes in treatments with 2Ms: minimal pain and minimal downtime.

His mission and values are spelt out in his name, STEVEN: Safe and proven treatment, Technically competent, Excellent service, Value for money, Expert and honest assessment, and being Novel and at the forefront of beauty care.

Dr Ang was previously a Clinical Teacher with the Faculty of Medicine, National University of Singapore. He also contributed to the development of the curriculum at a local Beauty School to train beauty therapists and was a trainer in botulinum injections for doctors.

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