Foods for Heat Stroke

Foods for Heat Stroke

Want to beat the heat?

Foods for Heat Stroke – Beat the Heat!

Every year, some 150 people in Singapore fall prey to heat stroke. We recommend you some foods to hydrate your body in the hot weather.

Heat stroke is a serious condition and can be dangerous to the extent of needing emergency medical attention. It can cause seizures and problems with the liver and kidneys. Excessive sweating and dehydration can lead to heat stroke and deterioration of body functions. Common factors of heat stroke include exposure to strong sun, severe dehydration, long-term stress and insufficient sleep.

Eating vegetables and fruits can supplement your body with vitamins when you are dehydrated. Be sure to consume lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, especially during the hot weather!

What to eat and drink

The best foods to eat when one is required to spend an extended period of time outdoors in the hot sun, are those containing potassium and high water content. Apples and artichoke are such food examples. Experts suggest eating these foods raw in order to retain their nutritional value. Citrus fruits can also can fight the heat, so do eat some oranges before exercise.

Watermelon is a good source of nutrition as it has about 92% of water content. Its outer peel and seeds can maintain a healthy immune system, lower the body temperature and prevent dehydration. Mix watermelon into your fruit salad for a tastier and more appetising meal!


Cucumber also has high water content and helps in the functions of our nervous system. Health consultants suggest adding slices of cucumbers to regular drinking water for a more flavoured taste. In addition, cucumber can quench thirst and stimulate our appetite. Bitter gourd has anti-inflammatory qualities and boost the immune system, as well as increase appetite and quench thirst. Try making melon soup to reduce heat in your body.


Water is Earth’s most abundant natural resource. Drink at least a cup of water every 20 minutes while outside in hot weather and be sure to consume lots of water before any form of exercise. Drinking water is the best way of preventing heat stroke!

If you find regular, drinking water bland, try coconut water. The taste will be more stimulating for your taste buds. Drinking warm tea can reduce your skin temperature by 1 to 2 degrees. To make up for body salt lost through sweating, add some salt in your tea. Drink plenty of soups as well for nourishment and to aid in body digestion.

Foods to avoid (when in a hot environment)

It is best to avoid your intake of alcohol and caffeine-base drinks. Caffeine contains diuretics properties which increase the loss of water and salt from the body. Do limit fried foods as well as they have a warming effect on the body.

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